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I Would So Tap That

I just found myself buying a card-based strategy game on Steam, Guardians of Graxia. I haven’t played yet. Yes, it was cheap and all, but even though I knew next to nothing about the game and the art was a bit on the blocky and generic side for my tastes, as soon as I saw […]

Now Is the Winter of Our Malcontent

Okay, perhaps not exactly malcontent. Maybe just a light and airy ennui? A longing for the days I had free time and energy…

Casting Pods

Even though I have a much shorter commute than I used to, I still enjoy listening to some great audio podcasts, specifically some gaming podcasts. is fun, with a few guys who answer gaming and relationship questions (NSFW). Weekend Confirmed, with Shacknews’ Garnett Lee and Brian Lahey and Jeff Canatta from The Totally Rad […]