New Old Paradigm

Many former PC game developers (like me) are now making social games. I grow so weary of fish, farm, island, town and city games. Yes, traditional console and PC gaming is far too focused on violent conflict, but I think there are plenty of dudes with Facebook accounts who are turned off by cutesy games. There are a few new games out there that are similar to some of my favorite old PC games: Kingdoms of Camelot, Heroes of Might and Magic: Kingdoms, Lords of Ultima, Legacy of Rome, Verdonia and City of Wonder. They’re all so similar to each other though. There are so many other untapped genres though that would fit so ideally to our existing social networks.
I don’t want to tip my hand yet, but let’s just say that I’m tired of sickeningly sweet crap that I wouldn’t play if it took any more than 2 – 3 minutes at a stretch. I’ve got an idea for a game that will work really well socially and will have depth but hopefully won’t rely on overlong game sessions. I think there’s an audience for it. We’ll see if anyone agrees with me.

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