I am a game designer. Of course I haven’t always been one. However I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember. I played Super Pong with my Dad the day the machine came out. My earliest computer memories are of delving into the world of Zork. Games have grown more complicated and so has my relationship with them. I have worked on many games in both QA and Design roles, some of which I’ve even received credit for.

Besides playing and designing video games, I play all manner of board, card and roleplaying games. I engage in other activities that are intrinsic to the gamer stereotype. I read comic books, manga, sci-fi and fantasy books. I watch anime and cartoons for grown ups. I go to conventions where people dress up, most often in a non-ironic and earnest expression of their love.

This blog is a semi-permanent place on the Internet for my ramblings, musings and ideas half-mulled over in the very way that traditional media has accused the Internet of doing. I don’t promise any kind of regular schedule, but when I get the time and inclination, I’ll post here.

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